How to Create your Own Membership Site and Premium Content

If you provide specialized knowledge and content about any specific content, you could make a lot of money with building membership sites. Membership sites are websites that provide access to premium content to members who in turn pay a monthly fee for the access. The premium content is usually a lot of resourceful information compiled in one place and can consist of access to ebooks and tools, or … [Read more...]

Private Advertising vs Google Adsense

Private Advertising vs Google AdSense – which is best? Lately more and more bloggers are starting to sell private ad space on their blogs and have stopped using Google AdSense altogether – some because they feel that they are not earning a lot of money from AdSense; others because they feel that the ads being displayed on their site isn’t relevant to their content; some for … [Read more...]

The Guide You’ll Need to Make Money with Advertising (if you’ve got your own blog, this is for you)

If you already have your own blog, or if you are planning on starting your own blog, you could easily make money with advertising. You could make use of Google Adsense, Bidvertiser or private advertising. I will be exploring all three options in this post, so keep reading! Google AdSense This is probably the best and most popular option. It’s easy to sign up, easy to configure the ads and easy to i … [Read more...]

New Employment Rules

Hahahaha, here’s something I found that is sure to make you laugh – imagine your workplace were to change their rules like this?! SICK DAYS We will no longer accept a doctor’s sick note as proof of sickness. If you are able to get to the doctor, you are able to come into work. SURGERY Operations are now banned. As long as you are an employee here, you need all your organs. You … [Read more...]

Binary Options Trading Tips and Guidelines

Okay so after publishing my post on how to make money with Binary Options Trading, I received quite a few emails with people asking for tips, guidelines, basic guides, etc. Binary Options Trading can be a very extensive subject, and so I have decided to start a new website, dedicated to Binary Options. is only a few weeks old, but already has a few articles on it. I am … [Read more...]

The 6 Best Ways to Start an Online Shop

So this is another way to make extra income online which I at first thought would be very time consuming and not worth the effort. I’ve got to admit though, I was wrong. There are so many ways in which you can set up your store, which basically does everything automatically. Ultimately the most time consuming parts would be to get the store 100% set up, and maybe also to actually send bought items … [Read more...]

What Products to Sell in your Online Store

So you’re thinking about starting your own online store in order to earn an extra income but don’t know what item(s) to sell? Most of the time, this is where people get stuck on. They decide to open an online store and might even already have marketing strategies and website designs in mind, but have no clue on what product they want to sell – all they know is that they want to sell something. With … [Read more...]

Where to Get Ideas on What Products to Sell

Okay so you’ve decided to start your own online shop and thinking about what products to sell, but you still find yourself stuck and not able to come up with any product ideas? Here’s a list of places I turned to for some inspiration: Take a look at sites that review new products, if you want a bit of inspiration. You can make use of Cool Material, Werd, Outblush, Bless This Stuff, … [Read more...]

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